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Show off your talents and tell the story of Farm-City. Whether you are an aspiring writer, artist or creator, we need you to help tell the story of how agriculture contributes to everyday life.

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Poster Contest

Let your imagination run wild! Use the annual Farm-City theme and create an image that tells the story of agriculture.

Essay Contest

Are you a pro with prose? Let your words take flight and share the important story of agriculture. With the Farm-City theme, paint a mental picture with your essay 

Writing with Pen

Video Contest

Lights! Camera! Action! You are the director. Make an epic short film that will tell the world how important agriculture is to it's survival. Use the Farm-City theme and make you vision a reality.

County Awards

Throughout Alabama, the county Farmers  Federations work to make agriculture better for families on and off the farm. Each county Federation is encouraged to get involved in telling their story and bringing that knowledge to cities who benefit daily from the efforts of family farms. Each year, outstanding counties are recognized for their efforts.

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