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Essay Contest Rules

2023 Farm-City Theme: Agritourism: Connecting Alabama Farms and



Eligibility and Rules

1. Division I - open to all students in grades 7 – 9.

    Division II - open to all students in grades 10 – 12.


2. First- and second-place winners will be named.


3. Essays must relate to the theme. The name of the theme must be stated in the essay.


4. Each student is required to complete the information form and attach it to the essay entry. All entries will be judged first at the county Farm-City committee level with the first-place winner in each county being submitted to the State Farm-City Committee. One entry per division, per county may be submitted for judging at the state level.


5. Criteria: Essay should be 500–1000 words, neatly typed, and double-spaced, on 8 1/2 x 11, white paper. They will be judged on:


a. Content

i. Topic Sentence

ii. Adherence to theme

iii. Accuracy of information

iv. Supporting details

v. Originality

vi. Reader Appeal


b. Mechanics

i. Grammar

ii. Punctuation

iii. Sentence Structure

iv. Capitalization

v. Spelling


c. Organization

i. Clarity

ii. Flow of material

iii. Conclusion


6. Deadline for entry at the state level is February 2, 2024. State winners will be notified by mail no later than March 8, 2024. Award winners will be announced at the state 2024 Farm-City Awards Luncheon and Program.


7. All entries may be used at the discretion of the Ag in the Classroom Steering Committee and Farm-City Committee of Alabama without further permission or monetary consideration. 


Awards in Each Category

1st PLACE: $300 Cash       Student's Classroom: $300 Cash

2nd PLACE: $200 Cash      Student's Classroom: $200 Cash


For further information, contact your local Farm-City Committee or the State Farm-City Committee at 1(800)392-5705 or 1(334)613-4410.

E-mail: Fax: 1(334)284-3957.

Mailing address: Alabama Farmers Federation, Attn: Jeff Helms, P.O. Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191.

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