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Poster Contest Rules

2024 Farm-City Theme: Our Community Counts on Farmers


  1. Entry is open to all students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade and must be the original work of the student.

  2. There are two categories of competition:  K – 3 grades and 4 – 6 grades.  First- through sixth-place winners will be named in each category.

  3. Posters must relate to the theme. The name of the theme must be on the poster.

  4. Posters must be on display during the month of November in a shopping mall, library, retail businesses, or other place of public view.

  5. The poster should be horizontal with the length no greater than 28 inches and height no greater than 22 inches. It should be no smaller than 22 inches in length and 14 inches high (full sheet or half sheet of standard poster board). Standard thickness poster paper is preferred.  (Vertical posters will be judged but NOT considered for the calendar due to format requirements.)

  6. Any flat medium can be used (such as pen and pencil, crayon, watercolor, ink, or oil). No three-dimensional posters (such as gluing products on to a poster) will be eligible.

  7. Each student is required to complete the enclosed information form and attach it to each poster entry.

  8. All entries will be judged first at the county Farm-City committee level with the first-place winner in each county being submitted to the State Farm-City Committee.  One entry per division, per county may be submitted for judging at the state level.

  9. Criteria for judging:  creativity, originality, neatness, overall appearance, and relevance to the theme.

  10. Deadline for entry at the state level is January 31, 2025.  Winners will be notified by mail no later than March 1, 2025. Award winners will be announced at the state 2025 Farm-City Awards Luncheon.


Entries become the property of the Farm-City Committee of Alabama and may be photographed or reproduced in a calendar or any other publication as the Committee sees fit without further permission or monetary consideration.


Awards in Each Category


1st PLACE:  $200 Cash

Student's Classroom: $200 Cash

2nd PLACE: $100 Cash

Student's Classroom: $100 Cash


For further information, contact your local Farm-City Committee or the State Farm-City Committee at 1(800)392-5705 or 1(334)613-4410. E-mail:  Fax: 1(334)284-3957. Mailing address:  Alabama Farmers Federation, Attn: Tanner Hood, P.O. Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191. 

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