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Farm-City Committee


Jeff Helms, Chairman

Alabama Farmers Federation 


Amy Belcher 

Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries 


Paul Pinyan 

Alabama Farmers Federation 


Dr. Paul Mask, retired 

Alabama Cooperative Extension System 


Mary Johns Wilson 

Alabama Farmers Federation 


Horace Horn 

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative 


Kim Earwood 

Alabama Farmers Federation 


Jackson Fuentes  

Alabama Association of County Commissions 


Tiffany Lester  

Alabama Farmers Cooperative 


Katie W. Nichols 

Alabama Cooperative Extension System 


Joseph Fureigh  

First South Farm Credit 


Jerad Dyess 

Alabama State Department of Education 


Josh Woods 

College of Agriculture, Auburn University 


Kayla S. Greer 

Alabama Cattlemen’s Association 


Theresa Long 

Alabama FCCLA 


Grace Ellis 

Alabama Agribusiness Council 


Ex-Officio Members 

Trevor Shoemaker  

Farm-City Chair, Cullman Co. 


Debra Dunn 

Farm-City Chair, Geneva Co. 

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